About Me

Dr Erik Schlobohm is a multi disciplinary doctor practicing in Draper, UT.   Prior to entering practice in 2005 Dr. Erik Schlobohm was a fitness trainer for 11 years. While working in this industry he went above and beyond regular certifications and education to learn functionality and human movement.  During this time Dr Erik encountered multiple clients with various movement dysfunctions which led to his learning about active release technique.  Wanting to learn this skill but not having the necessary background he realized his career choice was going to have to take a different route to be able to give clients and soon patients the necessary care and direction they needed.

Dr Erik Schlobohm completed his doctor of chiropractic education at Logan University in St. Louis, MO.   During his time at Logan University he went above and beyond the normal requirements for graduation by completing numerous continuing education seminars to learn the latest in functional healthcare.  These courses covered multiple areas including rehabilitation, neurology, functional blood chemistry, and soft tissue techniques to name a few.  Because knowledge surrounding healthcare is changing at such a fast pace Dr Erik Schlobohm continues to pursue education that can enhance his diagnostic and treatment skills but also his patient outcomes.

While attending Logan University Dr Erik Schlobohm was chosen to teach for the motion palpation institute which was an honor and exposed him to continuous learning experiences.  He has also taught for a personal fitness trainer certification company, NCCPT that certifies trainers in the fitness industry.

He grew up in Georgia and has two children and enjoys spending time with them.  In his spare time he enjoys road and mountain biking, golf, and functional fitness.