Non medical, non drug, breathrough treatment for ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia and other Neurological Disorders

Today almost everyone knows someone with or is associated with a child with ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, or another Neurological Disorder. Just a few decades ago these were considered rare disorders which you seldom heard of. Today 1 out of 150 children will be diagnosed with autism compared to a 1 out of 10,000 just a few decades ago. Approximately 4.5 million children today are diagnosed with ADHD, while 1 out of every 6 kids entering school is diagnosed with some neurological disorder. These statistics are staggering to say the least.

What we know today about these disorders is that most likely they are not genetic but environmental. Meaning most conditions that are a true genetic disorder tend to decline over time, not increase. On the other hand conditions that are environmental do! Especially if the environmental conditions worsen. Also we know that all of these neurological disorders today have an underlying imbalance of the brain. The brain has two hemispheres that each do certain things and then they work in unity to do others. In these children with neurological disorders most have either a left or right brain deficiency. These children will usually do some things very well, hence the side of the brain that is not deficient and often times is actually overactive. And they struggle with other things, those that require either the deficient side of the brain or things that require the two hemispheres to work together. We also know that there are other environmental factors that contribute to the cause of these disorders like poor diet, poor exercise, environmental toxins, to much activity that dulls the brain’s activation like tv and video games in excess, and potential traumas to the brain.

Until recently the diagnose of such conditions was subjective and treatment has consisted mostly of drugs and therapy. Most of which has failed. Drugs help in less than 30% of the cases and most parents will say that it alters who there child is. Being a parent this can be challenging as you want to help but lose the personality and disposition of your child. Also there are significant side effects associated with these drugs and some are extremely addictive.

We have a different approach! Using functional neurology and clinical nutrition we treat the imbalances in the brain. In a sense rewiring it to bring it back into balance and work in unison. Also using clinical nutrition we can support the organ systems that are often struggling and that directly affect the brains ability to function properly. These are things like the gut and blood brain barrier that can become leaky and allow inflammation and toxins to affect the bodies ability to operate optimally and alter the output of neurotransmitters that can affect a child’s mood, emotions, and ability to deal with situations. As the brain becomes imbalanced we see in these children this window of time they can do something like homework for example. But then the brain fatigues and they hit a wall and now just cant focus or deal with a situation after that point.

Using these types of treatments we have been able to greatly improve if not reverse the symptoms these children experience. It is not a quick fix like a drug, its not for everyone, and it does take work on part of the parents and child but the outcomes are usually well worth the work. If your child suffers from mild symptoms of a neurological disorder one of the best places to start is a book called Disconnected Kids by Dr. Robert Melillo. If your child has more severe symptoms or is already on medications you may want the help of a healthcare practitioner.

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